Lintels come in many different forms, made out of many different types of materials such as timber, bricks, steel, stone, and concrete. Despite the type, if the lintel is not sized properly, or becomes damaged over time, it can fail and create structural damage to your home. The biggest sign of lintel issues is if you start to notice a sagging garage door frame. The sag is caused by pressure placed on the lintel and, if not addressed properly, it could cause severe damage to your home.

Another telltale sign that a lintel is failing and that you may require overhead frame repair is cracking in the brick above your garage. Cracks indicate that movement has taken place within the structure and the structure is at high risk of collapsing. Cracks also make for an easy entrance for bugs to come into your home, as well as moisture that can cause deeper problems. If you notice any cracking or a sagging garage door frame in your structure, please reach out to Lintel Lift immediately so we can inspect and restore your home before more damage is done.


The LintelLift product is a patented steel garage door lintel system that is installed either after a lintel has begun to sag or during construction to prevent sagging in the future. It is a comprehensive system that has been designed and tested to guarantee the proper and permanent repair of a sagging garage lintel. While many garage lintels that support brickwork will not have any problems in the future, when the brick load is larger than average or when environmental conditions cause the support to weaken over time, it is important to have a system in place that can prevent damage to your home and the proper operation of your garage door. We have a growing network of dealers across the US that are trained to install the LintelLift system.

Even though lintels are made to last for quite some time, as home designs have changed and progressed, support on lintels has decreased and pressure has increased. This has made sagging and cracking a bit more common and all the more important to pay attention to. It is also important to understand that wear and tear is normal as structures are exposed to weather and moisture daily. Therefore, if you notice any cracks or sagging, it is a good idea to consult with Lintel Lift to determine if your lintels are able to provide the support your home needs.

Lintel Lift’s sagging garage door frame repair solutions are quick, affordable, and do not disrupt the current look of your home. If you are in need of repair services or have any questions, please reach out to our team today!



Once installed, our patented product will ensure garage door lintels or headers will not sag. Under normal circumstances, when the lintel fails, it will cause the brick above the header to sag and eventually crack. Over time, this can lead to the header completely failing and the brickwork falling off the house. Our system addresses this issue by adding much needed support underneath the sagging lintel.

The LintelLift system can also be installed during construction of the home and pre-stressed ahead of laying the brickwork. Once the mortar is cured, it can be released and will prevent future sagging of the lintel.

LintelLift products are sold as complete packages to repair a single sagging lintel or as individual parts. The kit includes a top beam, two side columns, and the decorative covers as well as all hardware required for a clean installation.



  • 16″ wide lintel

  • 18″ wide lintel

  • 19″ wide lintel – oversized

  • 20″ wide lintel – oversized


  • 7′ column height

  • 8′ column height

  • 9′ column height – oversized

  • 10′ column height – oversized

Our LintelLift kits are designed for the most common of garage door heights and widths, but they can be custom-made for oversized doors.