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The only patented lintel repair on the market

The LintelLift system is the only patented system in America that provides structural garage lintel repair for sagging lintels and cracks above garage doors. We can help you find a repair professional to lift your sagging garage door lintel.

We have done countless hours of research and testing to develop the most efficient and economical method of repairing sagging and problematic garage lintels. This system is the strongest available permanent repair solution available and can only be performed by our authorized dealers.

Why Do Garage Lintels Sag?

The primary cause of a sagging lintel is poor design. Many home builders will not build in the necessary allowances for the expansion and contraction of the lintel over time. As this size fluctuation happens over the years, the weight of brickwork above a garage door puts pressure on the structure at its weakest point, the middle. This pressure can eventually cause the bricks to crack or ultimately crumble from the weight. In the past, the only solution was to rebuild the entire garage door area but the LintelLift system can add strength and prevent future sagging problems.

What is the LintelLift System?

The LintelLift system is a combination of steel beams that go across the top of the garage door to permanently prevent the lintel from sagging and supports on the sides of the garage door to strengthen the beam above. It is pre-engineered to lift specific weight ranges to a straight plane but heavier lifts are available when special ordering the system. In addition to the steel beams, we have different types and styles of decorative covers to hide the steel and add a unique and attractive finish to the entire system.

Before LintelLift Garage Lintel Repair

Before LintelLift

After LintelLift Garage Lintel Repair

After LintelLift

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